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Archive for August 2017

EDF: Case Study: SunRise Solar

Few would have predicted the meteoric rise of Sunrise Solar Inc., a Midwest manufacturer of solar-powered attic fans, when company president Bill Keith launched the business in 2003 from his garage in St. John, Indiana. Keith, however, was so confident of the company’s eventual success that he mortgaged his own home to finance the start-up…

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EDF: Profile: Bill Keith, SunRise Solar

This profile was prepared by Collaborative Economics for Environmental Defense Fund. February 17, 2009 Inventor of a solar attic fan that dramatically cuts energy bills Bill Keith of St. John, Indiana had run a roofing company with his brother for 20 years when he invented his solar-powered attic fan, aiming to cut his customers’ electric…

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Lugar Names SunRise Solar President Energy Patriot

Monday, March 5, 2007 U.S. Sen. Dick Lugar recently named Bill Keith, President of SunRise Solar Inc. in St. John, Indiana, as a Lugar Energy Patriot for his innovation of solar-powered attic fans. The award is part of an ongoing effort by Lugar to recognize members of the business community, professionals, scholars, or students who demonstrate leadership…

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ABC: Solar Fan Man Looks to Sun for Solutions

February 9, 2009, By Drew Millhon and Lauren Sher, Warsaw, IN Beneath the migrating geese and across the street from the veterans’ hall in St. John, Ind., a gray and white barn is green with ideas. It belongs to Bill Keith, an eco-minded father of four who turned his vision into a profitable, environmentally friendly…

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The Global Intellectual Property Center 2009 Summit

At The Global Intellectual Property Center 2009 Summit, Tom Donohue (right), President and CEO of the U.S. Chamber, met Faces of IP participant, Bill Keith, founder of SunRise Solar. Photo credit: The Global Intellectual Property Center (

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The New York Times: Enviros Waging ‘Orchestrated Pressure Campaign’ on Climate Bill — U.S. Chamber CEO

October 9, 2009 (Page 2) Bill Keith, president of SunRise Solar Inc., a St. John, Ind.-based maker of solar-powered ventilation systems, said there has been “a lot of chatter” among executives this week about the chamber defections. Keith is not a chamber member but sits on the group’s intellectual property committee. “I fully respect the chamber,…

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NWI Times: Local firm reflects push to boost exports and meet U.S. goal

April 28, 2012, By Bowdeya Tweh Bill Keith’s business office is akin to a mad scientist’s lab. Dozens of his more than 45 models of solar-powered attic fans are stacked neatly in boxes prepped for globalwide customers. Next to the fans are motors and other equipment from solar fans by competitors so he can see their…

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