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Solar Attic Fan Installation in Valparaiso, Indiana

 Valparaiso, Indiana July 2nd 2019 This customer uses their attic for storage. All of the duct work for the house filters through the attic. If the attic is hot, then the duct work will be hot. This results in very poor air conditioner efficiency. By installing a SunRise Solar attic fan, this customer will enjoy…

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Solar Attic Fan Installation in Beautiful Bermuda

EMAIL FROM CUSTOMER: SunRise Solar Team, For your interest: Previous installation with the panel removed. (This was a SunRise Solar KNOCK-OFF, made in China. This unit did not last as long or perform as the customer thought it would. Steve reached out to the SunRise Solar Attic Fan team for a solution). I had the…

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Solar Attic Fan Installation in Northwest Indiana

Two FB1650FT units were installed on this 2 story, 1960’s home that previously had no ventilation.   BEFORE SUNRISE SOLAR ATTIC FANS: -Homeowner experienced a stuffy 2nd story. -The hot attic radiated through the ceiling into the living space and made the upstairs incredibly warm even into the evenings. -Air conditioning unit was always on.…

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Valparaiso, Indiana Customer Testimonial

“Our house was built in 1835 and moved to its current location in 1910. Subsequent additions created upstairs bedrooms that are difficult to cool. Since the installation of the SunRise Solar Fan the bedrooms are comfortable and easier to Cool.” Leo Frey – Valparaiso, Indiana

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Hobart, Indiana Customer Testimonial

“The two SunRise fans were installed during a heat wave. It took a few days for our attic to cool. We are now benefiting with a more comfortable home and the A/C is running less!” Dan Liechty Hobart, Indiana

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Miller Beach, Indiana Customer Testimonial

“We prefer to not use our air conditioning except in the hottest weather. Our fan was installed in August and we left the next day for a 10 day trip. The weather was sweltering when we returned and we knew we would have to use the A/C. Much to our delight the SunRise fan had…

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Energy Efficiency Starts with the Sun

“Solar power is the last energy resource that isn’t owned yet – nobody taxes the sun yet.” Bonnie Raitt Take advantage of the energy source that keeps on giving: The Sun! SunRise Solar fans use ONLY the sun to ventilate attics, greenhouses, tool sheds, garages, and so much more. Without being connected to “the grid”,…

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Retrofit Solar Attic Fan Install

sunrise solar fan installing

This particular installation of a SunRise Solar Fan was odd. The shingles were cut wide due to the previous vent. We needed to re-use the flashing from the passive vent. After a bit of cutting, we were able to slide the FB 1250 FT right over the previous hole.

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Curb Base Solar Attic Fan Install

Roof Install Image

Solar Attic Fans in Chicago A hot bakery reached out to us to solve their biggest problem: Trapped HEAT. We installed our 30 watt curb tilt solar attic fan unit on May 22, 2017. The customer wanted the option to turn the fan on even when the sun isn’t out. To make this happen, we…

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