Solar Attic Fan Installation in Beautiful Bermuda


SunRise Solar Team,

For your interest:

Previous installation with the panel removed. (This was a SunRise Solar KNOCK-OFF, made in China. This unit did not last as long or perform as the customer thought it would. Steve reached out to the SunRise Solar Attic Fan team for a solution).

I had the previous fan installed in a casing constructed and built in to fit the previous fan’s metal curb. I was unable to remove that metal curb without destroying the casing so I added a new wooden curb on top of the metal curb. This is screwed and taped to protect from sun and rain. All pressure treated wood/plywood was used.

The top of the casing is sloped a few degrees for drainage.

As we live in a hurricane zone, I know (have watched! ) storm driven rain coming in though these fans and vents. My installation is designed so that the fan could be removed in a few minutes and be replaced with a hurricane cover.

The same bolts and plates that hold this cover down hold the fan down.

Also the fan is installed on a Bermuda stone roof that has very little natural ventilation. So for the original fan installation I also installed two intake vents. I have wraparound hurricane covers for these to seal against storm driven rain.

This morning I checked my attic and can feel the air moving and hear the fan running quite happily.

Thanks again and best regards,



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