Solar Attic Fan

Solar Attic Fans

Improve the value of your home while at the same time creating a way to save on your monthly energy bill by installing one of our Original American Made Solar Attic Fans. They go into your home by simply attaching to your roof and using the power of the sun to create solar energy to power the units and ventilate your attic. Doing this helps lower the temperature of your home so your hvac system does not have to fight off the entire amount of heat. The benefits of our solar attic fans are huge and the system is cost friendly, quiet, and designed with a sleek style.

Benefits of Solar Attic Fans from SunRise Solar

The clear benefit of having an attic fan is simply the savings from removing the hot, stagnant air from the room and allowing the air conditioner to focus more on cooling the rest of your home much more effectively. This helps save not only on your energy costs, but many overlook that having an attic fan extends the life of your HVAC system which is a huge savings on its own.

Our products fit on any type of roof no matter where you are in the country. We have fans being used for all purposes of commercial and residential. Get a better idea of our entire fan collection by visiting our products page.

Adios Electric, Hello Solar

The benefit of using a solar attic fan are that you no longer use electricity. With a SunRise Solar product you are able to cut down the cost of your air conditioning unit running, and also save on the cost of what it would be to run a normal attic fan off electricity. Your operational costs are zero on top of being able to have a product that is wire free and a breeze to setup.

Quiet and Smooth

Sound benefits are something many don’t think about from the start. Our products are extremely quiet, unlike electric attic fans. Many have brought up that if it was not for the energy savings, they may have forgotten the fan was even on the roof still!

Sleek Designs

While a roof is not always the first point of interest when looking at a home, we like to do our best to make sure that when it is looked at the SunRise Solar attic fans are sleek and modern looking. We design our products with a black color that helps blend into nearly any design and not stick our like a sore thumb which many see when an electric attic fan is installed.

A company you can trust

We understand, there are a lot of other competitors so it can be hard to make a decision on which route to choose for your solar attic fan selection. SunRise Solar was the original creator of this product, and we happily stand by our quality and service with pride. We have been featured on ABC, participated in many industry events, and received a wide variety of trusted awards. Here are just a few:

2010 – Indiana Green Business Award – Reducing Energy Consumption
2009 – CNBC Street Talk with Erin Burnett
2009 – ABC WorldNews with Charles Gibson & Bill Weir
2008 – Innovation Award – Northwest Indiana Society of Innovators
2007 – Named “Energy Patriot” by US Senator Richard Lugar
2006 – “Best Product” BUILDERnews Magazine
2006 – “Most Valuable Product” Building Products Magazine
2005 – “Most Valuable Product” Building Products Magazine

Our beliefs are to create a true product that we can fully stand behind. We sign every fan that goes out and each one is assembled right here in America by our own team. When you call for information, you talk directly with the SunRise Solar team and we want to continue to offer this quality service, as well as a trusted product. See what other people have said by visiting our testimonials page.