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Culver - Miller Beach SRS Fan 2
Frey - SRS Fan 3
solar fan sunrise solar installed

Benefits of SunRise Solar Products

solar fan install photo with client
installed solar fan

Attic temperature prior to SunRise Solar Attic Fan installation.

temp gauge before

Attic temperature after installation.

temp after
  • Built to Last

    We have SunRise Solar Attic Fans that have been on customers roofs for 10+ years and they still function great to this day and are continuing to save them money while the house stays cool.

  • Come Fully Assembled

    No one likes getting shipped a box filled with parts and a blueprint that is nearly impossible to read. We send all of our fans fully assembled and ready for your home or business.

  • No Electrical Hook-Up Required

    It's solar powered! No need to hook up to any electrical to get your solar attic fan started. In most cases, these fans will start moving with only the slightest amount of solar power getting to them.

  • Easy Installation

    Not only is this great for contractors, it is also a great tool for most homeowners. Installation of our SunRise solar attic fan models can be done in as little as an hour.

  • Elegant, Low-Profile Body

    Nobody wants a sore thumb sticking out of their roof, which is why we designed each of our models with a sleak, low-profile body.

  • Removes heat and moisture from your attic, keeping it cool and dry

    The biggest benefit of them all. Solar attic fans remove the heat and moisture from an attic space to help improve the life of your HVAC, keep your attic cool and dry, and help lower your energy bill.

About SunRise Solar

We are the original, American made solar attic fans featured on ABC News with Charlie Gibson, CNN with Anderson Cooper, and CNBC with Erin Burnett.

Our solar attic fans are the only ones in the market that are made totally from anti-corrosive materials like ABS Composite, Stainless Steel, Poly Carbon, and Black Oxide. So if you want a power roof vent that will hold up to the most extreme weather then the SunRise Solar Attic Fan is the best choice!

Our solar powered roof fans are completely noncorrosive, heat and flame resistant, and can withstand environmental abuse that metals cannot.

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Solar Attic Fan on Shingled Roof

August 7, 2019

SunRise 1650 Solar Fan installed today in Saint John, Indiana……goodbye HOT attic…..hello COOL HOUSE! …..and here’s the testimonial from the customer!

Solar Attic Fan Installation in Valparaiso, Indiana

July 3, 2019

 Valparaiso, Indiana July 2nd 2019 This customer uses their attic for storage. All of the duct work for the house filters through the attic. If the attic is hot, then the duct work will be hot. This results in very poor air conditioner efficiency. By installing a SunRise Solar attic fan, this customer will enjoy…

Solar Attic Fan Installation in Beautiful Bermuda

June 24, 2019

EMAIL FROM CUSTOMER: SunRise Solar Team, For your interest: Previous installation with the panel removed. (This was a SunRise Solar KNOCK-OFF, made in China. This unit did not last as long or perform as the customer thought it would. Steve reached out to the SunRise Solar Attic Fan team for a solution). I had the…

Solar Attic Fan Installation in Northwest Indiana

June 18, 2019

Two FB1650FT units were installed on this 2 story, 1960’s home that previously had no ventilation.   BEFORE SUNRISE SOLAR ATTIC FANS: -Homeowner experienced a stuffy 2nd story. -The hot attic radiated through the ceiling into the living space and made the upstairs incredibly warm even into the evenings. -Air conditioning unit was always on.…

Valparaiso, Indiana Customer Testimonial

December 21, 2017

“Our house was built in 1835 and moved to its current location in 1910. Subsequent additions created upstairs bedrooms that are difficult to cool. Since the installation of the SunRise Solar Fan the bedrooms are comfortable and easier to Cool.” Leo Frey – Valparaiso, Indiana

Hobart, Indiana Customer Testimonial

December 21, 2017

“The two SunRise fans were installed during a heat wave. It took a few days for our attic to cool. We are now benefiting with a more comfortable home and the A/C is running less!” Dan Liechty Hobart, Indiana