The Solar Advantage

Remove Hot Air.
Cut Energy Costs.
Extend the life of your HVAC.

Like traditional attic fans, solar attic fans remove hot, stagnant air from your attic which allows your air conditioner to more efficiently cool your house – cutting your energy costs up to 30% while extending the life of your HVAC. What makes solar attic fans even better is that they require no electricity. That means not only are your operational costs zero but installation is wire free and a breeze!


installed solar fan
sunrise solar fan installing

Quiet when operating.
Sleak designs.

Solar attic fans are almost undetectable.

Our fans have a unique, sleek design that fits every type of rooftop and blend seamlessly into your roofline. Unlike an electric attic fan, they are extremely quiet. If it wasn’t for the energy savings, you might forget it’s there.