The Many Benefits of Solar Powered Attic Fans

For many years, so many of those who live in the Deep South have been acquainted with the benefits of attic fans. If you opened up the downstairs windows in the cool of the morning and turned on the attic fan, you could suck the hot air out of your home. Then, you’d close the windows and the drapes to keep your house at a comfortable temp. It would be worth the effort if you could stomach listening to that noisy fan, because you could keep your air conditioning unit from running until the mid afternoon; and, electricity costs would be kept to a minimum.

Solar Powered Attic Fans take technology to a new level

Now, solar powered attic fans, also known as solar powered roof fans, have taken the technology to a new level. By providing a continuous flow of air as long as the sun is out, these fans work quietly to reduce heat in your attic and help keep your home at a comfortable temperature. More specifically, the solar powered attic fan is a better defense against the formation of mold and mildew and pockets of hot or stale air that collect in an attic’s nooks and crannies. Another advantage is its ability to guard against ice dams. According to Timothy Larson, et al, of the University of Minnesota Extension in an article entitled “Dealing With and Preventing Ice Dams,” hot air pockets in an attic cause melting snow to collect on certain sections of the roof between snow and a block of ice. This collection could cause moisture to enter the home. It could also cause structural damage to a roof, the attic and the ceiling. Unfortunately, expensive repairs can follow.

Preventing heat build-up as well as structure and moisture damage make solar powered attic fans a worthwhile purchase for many. Once installed, these fans operate at no cost. There’s less strain on your HVAC system. Your upstair is cooler, allowing you to reduce your electric bill. And, if you frequently use the space next to your attic, the fans provide a welcome relief from heat that permeates so easily into adjacent rooms.

Shop from SunRise Solar Online

If you are looking for solar powered attic fans made in the USA, check out our homepage Several SunRise styles are available–curb base, flat base and the gable fan.  All fans are assembled by hand in a facility that is family owned and operated. Prices start at $500.00 for the gable fan and go upward to $799.00 on these fans that are built to last. Installation is quick and wire free; and, the solar powered attic fan is hardly noticeable on your roof. Unlike regular fans, these fans run quietly–so quietly that, according to the website, “you will not be able to hear your SunRise fan operating from your living space.” Also, estimated energy cost savings can be up to 30%.

So, like most of us, if you are searching for ways to reduce heat in your home and lower your energy costs, the solar powered attic fan may be the right thing for you as well as the environment. And, you might say, that’s just COOL!

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